2kw Hot Tub Heater Element TE2ELE


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2kw Hot Tub heater element, Spa element, Balboa Heaters, Titanium.


Suits Balboa heaters


TITANIUM  spa heater elements for better spa performance and longer hot tub heater life, best quality hot spa heater elements in Europe; beware of inferior non Titanium tub elements being sold at rip off prices keep your hot tub warm and happy with the best elements at

the low prices you pay in America.


Fits 15” Tube length Flow Thru heaters and Balboa heaters where 2kW elements are fitted

Product Information    All 2010 manufacture

Element kW : 2.0   Volts: 230   

Element is used on the following:

Correct length with curved tip designed not to come into contact with sensor probes.

From Europe’s longest established specialist spa and hot tub specialists

Serving UKs spa professionals, experts since the 1970s with genuine prices not rip off prices, all the rest are high price new boys many selling old or acquired stock !

Information and measurements are for service tech guidance only, this element is sold as a spa component for fitting by a competent individual who is aware of this product (and what to buy it at the best price possible) what it does, and what they are purchasing it for, if you are not sure what you are buying you should not be buying it.

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