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Balboa pressure switches are of the same style as an adjustable pressure switch in nearly every Balboa pressure switched heater prior to M7. 
Techmark is sold by many as much the same switch, but is not branded Balboa. We have these Techmark  pressure switches available at half what other companies try to sell this common and popular component for.
Wear and tear, water quality and age can result in the adjustment cog / wheel mechanism becoming stuffed when trying to re set a switch. Flow switch failure or poor adjustment results in a FLO error message or 3 flashing lights on the top side control.
If the wheel mechanism has become stiff resulting in re-setting the switch, the unit needs replacing. Failure of a flow switch usually produces a FLO error message or three flashing lights on the topside control.
These switches do not carry Balboa branding
Height: 75mm
Width: 50mm
1/8″ MPT screw thread connection to heater
2 x flat spades connection to contact wire
Used on many North American makes pre 2000 Spaform and Aegean plus many Can Spa models among many other brands and makes.
Pressure switches are sometimes encased in plastic housing, these are usually the same switch.
Only buy this product if you know what you want, how to safely fit it and that this is the right product for you, if you don’t really know what you are doing don’t buy and get an authorised service tech to look at your hot tub.
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